Soft, plastic, custard cakes

Soft, plastic, custard cakes

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French Harrys Brioche Tressee chrysanthemum bread 515g


French Harrys Brioche Tressee chrysanthemum breadFor those who love French cuisine, especially about bread-related dishes, it is certain that no one will be familiar with the Harrys Brioche Tressee Fr..

Taiwan Horsh yogurt cake - Box of 2kg


Taiwan Horsh yogurt cakeIt is not known when, but Taiwanese pastries have become extremely familiar and famous for a consumer part of Vietnam, from young people to office workers, both sisters. housew..

Taiwan mochi cake mix 4 tastes


Taiwan mochi cake mix 4 tastes When it comes to Mochi cakes, people will immediately think about the sweet taste, fragrant aroma, plasticity, mingling with the fruit flavor, making each person enjo..

Taiwan Shougong custard cake - 1kg box of 10 pieces


Taiwan Shougong custard cake On the market today, there appear a lot of snacks from Taiwan, typically: Taiwanese pineapple biscuits, salted egg biscuits, jelly herbs, milk tea brands, ..... Real sh..

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